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Reference: NS 42810
EGP 11,396,674
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EGP 11,396,674

Apartment for sale in Kinda Minka

NS 42810
EGP 11,396,674 Installment
Price / Sqm:
EGP 38,243 Per Sqm
Finishing Status:
Super Lux
298 sqm
Delivery In:
Wed 10 May 2023
About Kinda New Cairo

Apartment 4 Bedrooms for Sale in Kinda - New Cairo By Minka - Delivery Year 2026

Minka is a self-proclaimed “forward-thinking” residential real estate company that creates boutique solutions for today’s homes. The company has disrupted the real estate market with new approaches to compound living.

Founder and CEO Abdallah Sallam walks us through the philosophy behind Minka.

Minka is an exciting new real estate concept, what motivated you to offer this service?
Minka is a real estate company that thrives on innovation. Innovation has been our motivator to start as well as our accelerator to grow. We invest in and develop properties that are meaningful rather than big and innovative rather than cheap.

The real estate scene in Egypt is already a busy and strong one, but also a very conventional one in terms of its offerings and metrics. A lot of new developers get tempted by the scale of business that real estate presents, but we were tempted by the value and innovation we can bring to the market.

We are not re-inventing the wheel, but rather defining customer needs and carefully and acting upon them.

Coming from a strong business background, how did you approach your feasibility study on Minka?
The feasibility of embarking on Minka and its projects simply relied on a tried intuition of solving problems and presenting our products to our audience in an innovative and meaningful manner.

The numbers and the scale of the market supported the intuition, but the opportunity to create something different and needed was the major support for our feasibility.

What can you tell us about each of the products?
KENSINGTON: For the first time in the exclusive West Golf residential quarters of New Cairo, Kensington Townhouses offer an exclusive and extensive living solution. Each unit comprises more than 600m2 of lavish English inspired modern living space with amenities and considerations rarely offered in the Egyptian real estate scene.

The HOFT is an innovative hybrid property that has 60m2 fully furnished residential studios, modular offices, co-working spaces, and a retail plaza all in one building. It combines the basic needs of today’s ambitious generation of entrepreneurs, business travelers and trendsetters in finding a haven that caters to all their basic needs. The HOFT is a new concept inspired by the emerging crowd economy and disrupting hospitality concepts around the world.

KINDA: This New Cairo project combines sustainability and livability to create a Canadian inspired quality of life. The approach is built on principles of resourcefulness and open-mindedness to different ways of living all adding up to social wellbeing. It is a 28-acre residential compound offering a diverse range of properties starting with 60m2 studios up to 500m2 stand-alone villas.

How successful have similar projects been in other countries?
Since most of our projects were inspired by similar experiences around the world, this in itself is living proof that these unique and innovative concepts are highly needed and add value to the markets they serve.

What is the next step?
Keep innovating and striving to make this country better and its people happier.

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